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Selligent CDM Version 9.00.300

What's New!

New type of dashboard: Newsfeed
 Limit attach option in dynamic views 

There are two ways to limit the possibility to attach records in a dynamic view. 

In the definition of the dynamic view query itself 

An additional check box is available ‘Attach’. When it is checked, attaching records from the dynamic view is allowed.

As a global setting 

In this case, the attach option is activated/de-activated for all dynamic views: top.AppSetting.UseAttachDV is set to true or false. 

New type of dashboard: Newsfeed 

Thanks to a new type of dashboard, Newsfeed, it is now possible to display completely customizable newsfeed items. 

The newsfeed text is user-defined and is available in the different languages of the database.  

The content of the newsfeed is defined by using the result of one or more queries of type Newsfeed. The result of these queries is then displayed in an understandable feed by mixing translatable text and variables. 

Newsfeed items can be filtered to show only a limited amount, with the most recent updated items first. In addition, they can be filtered to only show the results for specific users. (eg. Only show the won opportunities for users with profile US sales) 

Show/hide buttons in the Organizer

A dedicated function is provided to show or hide specific buttons in the organizer: fctManageButtonTaskBar. 

This function is typically executed at the load of the Organizer. 

Show/hide buttons in the Organizer
 Limit attach option in dynamic views 
  • Selligent CDM is now fully Chrome & FireFox compatible.

  • It is now possible to define the format of a merged field in Word 

  • Browser compatibility : Google Chrome

  • Newsfeed chart from Dashboards

  • Adaptive design

  • Force IE compatibility mode via http-equiv tags in pages

  • Document management - Merge OpenXml - check the field with a format"

  • Document Process WDS

  • Synchro robustness

  • Field - Integer field change decimal value into a wrong way

  • Document management - check the icon in contextual menu

  • Attach - option to disable the attach functionnality in dynamic views

  • The query BO does not support the bind variable at the execution

  • Tab - Resizing IE-window closes tabs

  • Organizer - remove object from organiser task view

Annex: Updated product manuals 
Annex: Updated product manuals 
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